Tuesday, March 06, 2007

RiceHalwa And A Style Tag !!



Rice 500 gms
1 cup freshly grated coconut
Jaggery as per taste
Cardamom powder
Cashew nuts chopped
Ghee ( for greasing the plate.)


Soak Rice in water overnight. Rice and coconut is ground into a very fine paste with water. Mix ground paste and ,jaggery along with cardamom powder & keep stirring continuously to avoid any formation of lumps. Keep stirring till the mixture leaves the side. Now, spread this mixture onto a greased plate with ghee . Once its cooled cut into desired shapes. enjoy!

Defining Style

I am Tagged to List 10 things that define my style by srijith unni ,who takes you on a journey through his Inspiring & Thought provoking Blog "Yatra" Thanks for the Tag :)

I believe, each one of us have our own unique sense of Style, A special way to present oneself to the world. In other words representing "Who we Really Are " It's the reflection of our inner spirit that defines our style.

Defining my Style :

1. With my Love for Travel, some would say I am a wanderlust and a glimpse of beautiful Scenic Locales inspires the wanderlust in me.

2. My favorite passtime is writing & My Blogging style defines me. Here's an analogy that can be used, writing is like dressing style, we convey a single message with a single sentence structure in several different literary styles , that establish my mood with my choice of images and ideas through the Text that very much add a personal touch to it.

3. My Dressing style: I am more into soft,feminine fun & subtle patterns ,which are more on the lines of being simple, informal ,but at the same time eclectic, that defines my style.

4. Colours that define me, Black and white and whatever colours that matches my mood and the fashion scene .

5 The Decor : My choice of Decor would be simple uncluttered style that's distinct and cozy with rich tones and textures that enlivens my spirit.

6. Accessories :Personal style is about choosing the accessories you love . wouldn't let anybody talk me into using something I don't like. for me ,It's just the way you mix things,traditional with the contemporary which spells the style.

7. The lettering font: I usually prefer is calligraphy that adds a personal flair to the text.

8. Creative Expression & Communication, Through electronic media and Music are more of my style, I love buying accessories for my electronic devices.

9.Cooking and experimenting with food from different cuisines is indeed a pleasuarble pursuit that Influences & defines my own creative style with food .

10. Desk style, would always go in for a feel with functionality, but would not miss out on decorative writing pads and Table top calendars that have beautiful quotes.

Getting to List 10 of these were quite a task ,not that I'm being modest, just that, I don’t usually talk about myself much .

Ultimately,The Bottom Line : A true style is defined by our dynamic self expression of our Inner beauty giving wings to our urges , because at the end of the day, the most important thing is to be comfortable with who you are. I would like to tag anyone reading this & wants to do it :)

Happy Blogging To You All :)