Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Dream Tag and Uddina Vada!!

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Uddina vada


Rumination of My Dream..

I have been Tagged by the humourous and witty KK of Kays Brainwave who has a very lively Blog up there ! KK, It's an Interesting Tag & Thanks for the same :)

Since Time immemorial ,People have always been fascinated by their Dreams and these night time journeys into our subconsciousness are still enigmas with lot's of research still going on as to why we dream and what dreams really mean...I believe Dreams usually have an emotional component & it's all about discovering ourselves, subconsciously communicating with the conscious self.sometimes we get a sudden flash of insight into the hidden meaning of our dreams.( Interpreting in our own fun ways)

I don't get dreams often and when I do, I usually don't remember them after a while, In my growing days as a kid, I used to get pretty scary nightmares ,wouldn't want to scare you guys by jotting down in my Tag..;)

So, here it goes..A dream I had a long Time back, I usually have wonderful adventurous dreams and sometimes ,the following day I wonder what dreams are in store for me in the early hours of the day to follow.

I had a dream about searching for my friend who had set out with me to a hill station and we had ventured out biking into a nearby dense forest reserve on our own without thinking twice about all the pros and cons.It's out of nowhere suddenly when we get to face a herd of elephants rush in our direction ,we end up taking our own separate routes,riding the bikes in full speed without looking back, finally landing in an unknown territory and missing out on each other.For some strange reason, I was the only one around with no one in sight and was panicking as it was getting darker and the fear of elephants coming behind us still looming ,it was like a nightmare in a way but was more determined not to give up my search & was calling out for her louder and louder......till I got a louder ringing near my ears ;) that woke me up! that was the end of the dream;) It was "My alarm clock,which started beeping" and I was back to awareness and that was the day , I've really never been so glad to wake up in all my life!! safe and sound back at my place ;)) .

here's my little poem for this post...

Dreams can make you smile or make you cry,
when you wake up they still make you sigh !
Dreamship goes sailing every day in the moonlit night.
Making it a Joyful orTearful ride till the morning light!
Dreams can take you high and low , far and wide
Sometimes so beautiful like a wave turning into a powerful tide!
before it breaks onto the sand and slides away.
With a sink in blue or a float in cloud making it's way!

Happy Dreams to all of you :)