Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tandoori Chicken !!

Tandoori Chicken!

Ingredients :

6-8 Chicken drumsticks
1 cup plain yoghurt
1 1/2 tbsp Red chilli powder
1 tbsp dry ginger powder
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp cumin powder
1/2 tbsp garam masala
salt as required


Prick the chicken pieces with a fork all over. For the marinade: Take a wide bowl enough to hold all the chicken pieces. Mix in the yoghurt & all the spices into the bowl and stir in the mixture. Now add the chicken pieces into the mixture, so that they are all covered with the paste. Cover the bowl with a lid and let it stand for 3 hours.preferably in the refrigerator to absorb the spices flavour.later to grill the chicken, apply melted butter combined with 1 tsp of finely chopped coriander leaves (cilantro) to the the chicken pieces with a brush all over & grill .Turn over the chicken pieces to make sure they are well done on all sides.

Finely sliced onion rings, with a dash of salt and lemon juice ,can be served as a salad with the tandoori chicken.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Breakfast with croissants !

A quick Monday breakfast idea to start your day ....with croissants !

just in the mood to devour these yummmmy croissants...after lacing it with butter, cinammon & sugar combo......:)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Rice Dish flavoured with Dill leaves!

Dill Rice :( Rice Dish flavoured with dill leaves)

Kalyn's WHB ,is something I love to take a peep at every week, learning about variety of exotic herbs from the food bloggers around the world who have contributed to this theme of hers. I would like to thank kalyn for coming up with such an impressive , informative & interesting theme .

My contribution for this WHB, is a simple ,nutritious and easy to make delicious dish to relish to your heart's content...Go ahead ! It's a Rice Dish flavoured with Dill leaves.

Green Dill leaves are feathery and soft fern-like culinary herb. The leaves and seeds are flavourful seasonings the leaves can be used fresh or dried in salads,veg/non veg baked dishes and soups. It is used widely in Indian cuisine to make curries and snacks .The long stalks of dill also can be cut in hand and used.chopping of the leaves into tiny bits is not recommended because much of the flavour will be lost. When the leaves are dried, they are referred to as dill weeds.


1 cup Basmati rice,(cooked)
1 bunch of Dill leaves,
1 small onion chopped .
salt as required
Ghee(clarified butter)or oil as required.

For masala powder:
2 tsps coriander seeds,
1 tsp channa dhal,
1/4 tsp fenugreek,
2 red chillies,
2 tsps grated dry coconut.
Cashewnuts for garnishing

For seasoning:

1tsp Mustard
1-2 red chillies
1/4 tsp black gram


Make powder of all the fried ingredients.( Fry all the masala ingredients separately with 1tsp of oil )This masala powder can be stored for future use.

Cook the Rice and keep aside. Heat 2 tbl spoons of oil and add half of the mustard and turmeric powder. Now add chopped onion, capsicum and dill leaves and saute till the raw smell disappears. Add masala powder,grated coconut & toss in the cooked rice and salt to taste and mix well on low flame. Season with remaining Mustard & Blackgram. Serve hot with roasted cashewnuts garnish.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Knol Khol Masala!! (White Vienna Kohlrabi !)

Knol Khol Masala:


Knol Khol (Kohlrabi,ganth gobhi,White Vienna ) - 2 sliced
Red Chillies - 2
coriander powder 1tsp
Lemon Juice - 1tsp
Coconut gratings -2 tbsp
A pinch of Hing
Salt to Taste

For Seasoning:

Mustard Seeds - 1/2 tsp
cumin seeds- 1/2 tsp
Black gram - 1/2 tsp
Curry Leaves - 1 sprig
Oil - 2 tsp

Peel and cut the knol khol into thick slices.Heat oil in a pan and add blackgram and mustard seeds. When the mustard seeds start to splutter, add curry leaves and cumin seeds and fry for a second. Add turmeric, hing, chillies and the sliced knol khol along with salt & coriander powder .Add a cup of water and allow to simmer for a few minutes. Remove from heat. Finally mix coconut gratings lemon juice. Serve hot. knol khol, tastes good when it's crunchy& half cooked.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Traditional CurdRice !

With onset of Summer, perfectly symbolic way to cool down during Summer would be definitely with the delicious CurdRice ! This traditional preparation of Curd rice is a distinctive food commonly served in the Southern Indian region for lunch usually eaten with spicy Lemon or Mangoes pickle.


Curd (thick yogurt) 2 cups
Basmathi Rice 2 cups
Grated ginger 1/2 tsp
Green chillies 2 chopped
Salt to taste
Curry leaves 1 sprig
Coriander leaves 1 tbsp chopped
Butter/oil 1 tbsp
Red chillies 2
Mustard seeds1/2tsp
Black gram 1/4 tsp
channa dhal 1/4 tsp
Turmeric (optional)


Cook Rice and keep aside. Rice is at its best when it's simply steamed. Heat butter in a pan and add mustard seeds,black gram .Add ginger, green chilli pieces, red chilli and curry leaves and stir on a low flame. Add cooked rice,turmeric, salt and curd. Mix well and garnish with coriander leaves. Ready to serve.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Paneer & Peas !

Hmmmm...Paneer & Peas Gravy....a yummy dish which goes well with Indian bread of your choice.(Naan/kulcha/poori/chappathi).I had tried this delicious recipe from Jag's Route79 ,I am sure you would enjoy this authentic lipsmacking dish.Thanks Jag for sharing this yummy recipe.

Here's the recipe link for this.Jag's Mutter paneer

Happy cooking!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Pasta with fresh Tomatoes & Herb !

Pasta with fresh Tomatoes & Herb


6 Ripe Tomatoes
3 Garlic Cloves, Minced
Fresh Herbs (Chopped, 1/4 Cup ) Best choices are Parsley, Basil, Oregano, & Mint
1/2 tsp Red Pepper Flakes
2tbsp Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper
Pasta Of Choice
Parmesan cheese


Chop tomatoes coarsely & combine the tomatoes, garlic, fresh herbs, olive oil, hot pepper, salt and pepper.Keep it aside at least for 30-40 mts to allow flavours to blend.Prepare the sauce & keep aside.Just before serving, cook the pasta until it is done & drain and mix immediately with the sauce. Serve at once, with the fresh grated cheese to top.
Variations: can make this pasta dish with chicken topping and sprinkle on some crumbled cottage cheese (paneer) instead of the parmesan.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

IT's Meme time!

Have been Tagged & It's Meme time again ! The 4 Meme!

Ever since I stumbled on Blogs, I have been hooked for sure ... just love hopping from Blog to Blog....Blogging has indeed evolved as more of a personalized medium with freedom of expression ..., sometimes with a personal touch upclose ,like Meme's which truly gives an opportunity to stretch the boundaries of self-expression ! The Meme theme is indeed catching up in the blogging world like a wild fire ..

I would like to Thank all these wonderful fellow bloggers , Melissa, Paz, Tina & shammi for tagging me to do this fun Meme of 7 and 10 .Well,to make it more easy for me & less boring for the readers who have limited patience ! I would be doing a Meme of "4".I am sure you all would agree with me...;)

4 Things to Do Before I Die:

1.Travel to exotic places I have never been before and learning new languages !
2.Accomplish every goal with the least possible output of energy - including thinking.;)
3.Meeting all the Interesting people whom I admire from the Blog world someday !
4.Capture the best of Nature in all it's glory through photography !

4 Things I Cannot Do (or things I do NOT enjoy doing)

1.spending a day out in the wilderness!
2.sky diving!
3.Mountain climbing!
4.spending a night in a haunted castle!

4Things that Attracted Me to Blogging:

1.I look blogs as a source of Information and there is never any issue of credibility.
2.Getting connected with spirited bloggers who provide different perspective on the same issue! more so with Food recipes that are so irresistible with so many variations and flavours.
3.you can blog your way at your own pace with no deadlines and sub editors wielding scissors....Isn't it wonderful.....?
4.Blogs have been a wonderful source of inspiration to take up causes with greater gusto.

4 Things I Say Most Often :

1.Oh my God !
2.That's enough!
3.would love to!

4 Books I Love:

1.The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,
by Arthur Conan Doyle -
2.Last Frontiers of the Mind, by Mohandas Moses
3.The DaVinci Code, by Dan Brown
4.War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

4 Movies I Watch Over and Over:

1.Sound of Music!
2.Ten Commandments !
4.Lion King!

4 Bloggers I’m Tagging:

1.VKN.of Mydhaba

2.Sury.of (Lima) Beans and Delhi Cha(a)t


4MeenalMehta.of Foodies Unite

Mint and Cilantro Chutney!

Mint and Cilantro Chutney:


1 bunch cilantro
1/2 bunch of Mint leaves
1 chopped onion
1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds
2 green chillies
ginger a small piece
1 teaspoon salt
2tbsp coconut grated


Clean the mint & cilantro of any discolored leaves and stems. wash thoroughly in 2-3 changes of water. lightly dry fry the mint leaves over a low flame for a minute keep aside . put coconut,onion, cumin seeds, green chillies, a small piece of ginger, salt, lemon juice, and cilantro and mint leaves in to a blender and grind to a smooth paste. season it with redchilli and mustard ,the chutney is ready to serve with Samosa /Toast /chappathi/Idli/Dosa.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Spicy Puliyogarai/pulihora/ TamrindRice !

Puliyogarai/pulihora/ TamrindRice!

A sour-and-spicy tamarind rice dish ! puliyogarai(karnataka)/pulihora(Andhra)/ TamrindRice is a much loved dish in Bangalore & is most commonly made in Iyengar style!

I made this spicy tamrind rice with ready to use mix available at Indian grocery shops. Ready to use stuff is pretty good option to have handy,as we can use it anytime without any hassles . It tastes yummy especially if you add on some ghee (clarified butter) seasoning with mustard and curry leaves and a liberal garnish of groundnuts at the end along with the ready to use mix :)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Season's greetings! happy pongal !

Wishing all the viewers a very Happy pongal !

Pongal marks the season of celebration and joyous activities.This symbolizes a new beginning by getting rid of the old. Pongal is the first festival begining off each new year which is observed on January 14th for three days (13th to 15th). which is basically a harvest festival held to honour the Sun, for a bountiful harvest! The celebration has a number of rituals attached to it . Pongal is the name of the special sweet dish with new rice, dhal, jaggery, dry fruits, and milk & is cooked in a new clay pot in the open and allowed to boil & spill over, signifying plenty and prosperity for the year ahead. This is offered to the Sun God and partaken as prasad.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Yummy Chole : Chick peas Masala !

This is my contribution for Meena's HookedOnHeat BreakFast theme for the New year.


Kabuli channa(Chickpeas) 3cups(pre-soaked & boiled).
Cumin powder 1 tsp.
chilli powder 1-2 tsp
Coriander powder 1 tsp.
Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
Onion(paste) ¼ cup
Tomato puree ¼ cup
Ginger(paste) 1 tsp.
Coriander leaves(chopped) 2tbsp
Garam masala 1 tsp.
Water as required
Salt to taste

For garnishing:
Sliced onions,tomatoes and coriander leaves

Soak channa overnight Add salt and pressure cook for few minutes till done. when cool, put the channa in a pan and add roasted cumin seeds & coriander powder and turmeric powder and stir well.Add the onion, tomatoe puree, ginger, chillie powder and water. Pressure cook for 5 more minutes & when cool open the cooker lid and add the boiled channa along with the water(in which it was boiled)and simmer for 5 minutes.Add the garam masala and half the chopped coriander leaves and cook till
the gravy thickens.Garnish with sliced onions, sliced tomatoes & remaining coriander leaves(cilantro)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cabbage Chutney!!


Cabbage small 1 Chopped
Blackgram 2 tsp
Red chillies 3
Asafoetida a pinch
Mustard Seeds 1 tsp
coriander seeds 1tsp
Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp
Channa dhal 1 tsp
Peanuts coarsely powdered 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
tamrind pulp 1tsp
Oil 2 tbsp.
curry leaves few


Take 2 tsp of Oil in a pan add 1 tsp of Blackgram, coriander seeds , whole red chillies & the Cabbage. Fry till the Cabbage looses its water. Let it cool & grind to a paste by adding tamrind & water if necessary. In the same pan add the remaining oil & do the seasoning with mustard, hing ,cumin seeds, curry leaves & rest of the blackgram, channa dhal & peanuts. Add the ground paste & salt saute till the raw smell disappears without letting it stick to the bottom of the pan. Cabbage chutney is ready to serve.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Turnip(Mooli) Bonanza!

It's all about taste , having had the means to eat healthier, the desire for yummy food made me try this recipe yesterday, it's a Snack with a difference !

The credit goes to VKN, of Mydhaba Fame !
Radish(Turnip) vadai

I would call this a Southern-Indian inspired comfort food :) with these colourful turnips (mooli) I got from the market...they did turn out so delicious that, they were devoured even before I could take a picture of the Mooli vadas. which, supposedly hung on every carb and calorie responding to our taste buds. However,I am posting the colourful Turnips(mooli) picture.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Chicken Korma !

Chicken Korma!


5 chicken drumsticks
2 onions chopped fine
1 table spoon ginger and garlic paste
1/2 cup curd
2 tomatoes chopped
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon mint leaves (chopped fine)
1/4 tablespoon jeera powder
1/2 tablespoon garam masala
1/4 tablespoon pepper powder
1/2 tablespoon coriander powder
2 tsp chilli powder


Chop onions and fry in oil till transparent to this add ginger, garlic paste along with mint leaves saute for few minutes and later add the chicken & 1 cup of water along with tomatoes and curd. Simmer on slow fire adding salt and the remaining Ingredients(masala powders )till done.finally add butter and remove from fire,ready to serve with Roti /Rice/Dosa.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006




Beetroots-2 cut into fine cubical pieces
Greenchillies slit-3
ginger grated 1tsp
salt as required
3tbsp grated coconut
curry leaves 1 sprig


Cut beetroot into cubical pieces. Heat 2-3 tsp of oil add mustard seeds. When it pops, add 1 tsp blackgram, 3 green chillies slit, crushed garlic cloves,curry leaves and then the cut beetroot pieces, 1/2 tsp salt and stir. Sprinkle about 1/4 cup of water and heat until the beet is cooked well.Add grated coconut and fresh grated ginger . mix well and serve.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Moong Dhal (Green gram) Halwa!

New Year’s Dinner Recipe & Photo Swap

I am posting this delicious Dessert blog for the special theme ,"New Year´s Dinner Recipe & Photo Swap" cohosted by
Melissa. Marcela.Cannella.Elvira.
I wish once again, all the fellow bloggers a lovely year & let's dare to dream of all we can accomplish with a little hard work and dedication in 2006 .

Moong Dhal(Green Gram) Halwa


Fine suji(semolina) roasted 1/2 cup
Greengram Dhal(moong) 2 cups
Ghee 1 cup
Sugar 1 cup
Milk 4 cups
milk powder 50 gms
Saffron (soaked in milk) 2 tsp
Green cardamoms 4-5
coconut milk 1/2 cup
Cashews,Almonds and Raisins for garnishing


Soak dhal overnight. Grind coarsely in the mixer.
Heat ghee in a deep pan and lightly fry green cardamoms .Reduce heat and add the ground dhal and roasted suji(semolina) stir this on a low flame for 2 mts & reduce heat and add milk and coconut milk. When it thickens, add sugar & fry till ghee separates. Add milk powder, mix well and cook for 5 minutes stirring continuously. Remove from heat.Garnish with almonds cashews and raisins and saffron soaked in milk and serve hot or cold.