Tuesday, October 31, 2006

First Blog Anniversary !!

Celebrating " My First Blog Anniversary" with my 125th Post !!

What an interesting year it has been, I am surprised that, I posted that many.....;)

A year ago I started Food Blogging as a hobby to provide a creative outlet and even to this day blogging continues to be one of my favourite activities. I am really glad, that I have made it this far , as it is not always so easy to maintain a fine balance with my Blog and FamilyLife. I did have my share of fun Blogging about Food and other Topics and have enjoyed meeting up many fascinating people from the fraternity of the Blogging world who have inspired and impressed me with their efforts & also find them enriching, encouraging and challenging enough at times to experiment with different cuisines.

Even though, Blogs are not populated with only like-minded people we do get to see Bloggers from all walks of Life ,it has helped in bridging the distances & opened a whole new world with it's wide & amazing range of insights & variety of expressions (from photography, culture, fun ideas about food ,differing & thought provoking views on happenings , new ideas, poems to humour etc , from Blogs that are focused on a subject )which are what,helps us to grow .However,It's important that people are more open-minded enough to communicate without any prejudice for an enjoyable Blogging experience.

Blogging community has in a way promoted Readership, one of the attributes on decline in general. It's great to have the readers respond with their feedback & I am thankful for all the comments left on my Blog , which have been always inspiring and entertaining to me. Also, would like to take this opportunity to thank the readers ( Bloggers and Non-Bloggers) who have taken their time to read my blog & be a part of this wonderful Blog journey.......:)

Wishing you all a happy week ahead !

FoodPictures of some of my posts from my Blog Archives: