Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yet Another "Meme "--(About Food Reminisces)!

I would like to Thank Krishnaarjuna for Tagging me to do yet another Meme ...Hmmm...FIVE THINGS TO EAT BEFORE YOU DIE!

All passions, rationalized and controlled, become an art: gastronomy, more than any other passion, is sensitive to rationalism and direction.”
Charles Pierre Monselet (1825-1888)

Prepare yourself for the ultimate taste treat with my Musings on Food and Cravings....:) The ultimate indulgence ,which are very much etched as delicious memories that still make me drool over them and savour anyday anytime, if I could get my hands on....before I die.

Here goes my List of Five,

1. I've been on a bit of a soup binge lately something which is aromatic,lighter and fresher...as i believe in enjoying food fresh from the Market....more so, if it's my Mother's sweet corn and spinach based soup also known as --" Sweet Corn Jade soup"

2.One of my Fav dessert we used to have a long time back during my teens "Warm Roasted Pear served with vanilla ice-cream"..to me it's a dessert that's associated with celebration @ my grandparents place.....though we get pears in plenty now,I've never had it again so far, wish I could taste this someday soon.

3.I'm going to miss My Aunt's mushrooms and prawn omelette to this day,reminds me that it's been ages since I last tasted...;)

4.I wish to try, one of the most recent recipes I saw in a magazine, that's caught my attention, it's a Banana & jackfruit cupcake...;)

5.I would be the happiest, If I could get to taste the wide "Anglo Indian " buffet spread , which was served in an old Victorian Bungalow in Bangalore near our place a long time back...sadly now,it's given way to a huge shopping Mall. Perhaps, there's someplace out there,with a similar food spread waiting for me ....;)

Finally, I would like to end this Meme with a note : There's nothing like eating at home with family and close friends sharing your "Food Reminisces"

I Tag Krithika& Anita & If they would like to take up this Meme...happy Meme Time!!