Monday, August 21, 2006

Myriad Hues: Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna! "Never Say Goodbye"

A movie which is on it's way to become a Blockbuster,with a clear cut Message " Marry only,If you are truly in Love.."

I was curious about this Movie..finally,did get to see,it is difficult to point fingers..something seems to be wrong somewhere, which ultimately leaves you confused about the rights and wrongs ..despite the excellent cinematography and the melodrama which keeps you awe stuck to a certain extent & strangely enough the star cast keeps you glued to your seats for the whole duration of the film.

“Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna” the title seems to convey that one should linger on to the past memories and Never Say Good bye, makes me wonder if that’s an healthy enough message to advocate, while most counsellors keep harping on, not holding on to the Past, to let go and focus on the Present.

The three course treat starts on a pretty positive note, quite a bit of glitz and dazzle while our favorite veterans sizzle on the screen; To start with, SRK (Dev),despite being stuck in a floundering marriage promotes the institution to a stranger who is having last minute jitters.

As we move on the entrĂ©e the plot thickens while wrestling with a complex issue of how 2 strangers who end up as friends stuck in a unhappy marital bond get drawn to each other and after some half hearted attempts at trying to make their respective marriages work – head on for a extra marital fling with all caution thrown to the wind. Once into it, get sucked big time by guilt, fearing no scope to harness this love any further and kind of decide to continue running on both the tracks.

Just when we think the dessert would be a refreshingly better experience, nope, it’s time for the 21st century spouses to shoo out the cheating spouses while the sad lovers get further apart, each thinking that the other has been magnanimously accepted “for what they are, the way they are”. ;) The separated lovers rejected and feeling dejected spend time alone for many years without bothering to communicate – strange after seeing how adept they are at communicating, funny on how they silently assume things.

Considering the umpteen times the characters keep bumping into each other so often, strangely they cease to have such luck while suffering pangs of loneliness for almost 3 years.

Just when it was getting a bit too much for our brains to fathom – a stroke of luck brings them back this time with the consent and blessing of their generous ex-spouses, driving away any thoughts of remorse or shame.

If I were to rate this item on the menu, would give it a 3 stars after all it did keep us entertained and intellectually alert on the happenings in this weird world ...:))

Valuable Lesson " Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna " To my Blogging world ;)

Hope, you'll have fun reading my take on KANK.