Tuesday, June 20, 2006

" MEME '

'10 dishes that I miss most of Mom's Cooking ' :

Thanks to
,Sudhav and Bdsn ,for tagging me to do this wonderful Meme. which Instantly brings back cherished memories when thinking of listing certain foods......

Take a trip with me down the memory lane...

Talking about Mom's cooking ,Mom's Food Guidelines highlights a healthy eating and the importance of Good dietary habbits and nutrition . With Mom her motto, as always is more salads with sprouts and fresh veggies and food with no Chemicals and Preservatives. Mom incorporates variety of grains in most of her cooking , especially whole grains and lot's of veggies and fruits to keep our meals nutritious and interesting each day.

I am sure everyone of us, have our favourites and here are some of my favourites that I miss the most , listed in order ....

1.Pesarattu with Tomato chutney .
2.Green gram payasam with jaggery and coconut .
3.Rava Idli with spicy and tangy mint chutney.
4. Sojjiappams with semolina & copra filling.
5.Fish Curry with Appams ( A taste that still lingers ....)
6.Chappathis with dhal.
7.Wheat halwa with jaggery and coconut milk.( was fun waiting for the halwa to set to a firm but, jiggly and wiggly squares)
8 Curd vadas in Boondi raitha.
9.Vangibaath with long green brinjals.
10.Trifle pudding with layers of cake and wafers & Icecream with chocolate sauce & Jelly with fruits and nuts combo.

.I would love to pass this Meme on to my fellow food bloggers
If they would like to take on this Meme.Again, It's an open invitation to all foodies who wish to get tagged for this Meme.Happy Meme Time !