Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mango KesariBath!

I have been reminded about the VCC-Q1 2006 culinary competition by VKN of MY Dhaba Fame..

A dessert that's so rich & flavourful that you could brand your very own line of specialty sweet semolina dessert .......;) This fruity flavoured version doubles as an appetizer and dessert!

Inspired by Indira's Mango relish with semolina, I did try this yummmy Mango dessert with Mango Puree...as an addon to my previous recipe.For the recipe details can check on this link.Mango KesariBath
Thanks Indira, for the inspiration :)

Vkn, If the timelimit is on....This dish can be considered as an entree for the VCC-Q1 2006 :) If not I would understand.Thanks for the same!