Monday, January 16, 2006

Spicy Puliyogarai/pulihora/ TamrindRice !

Puliyogarai/pulihora/ TamrindRice!

A sour-and-spicy tamarind rice dish ! puliyogarai(karnataka)/pulihora(Andhra)/ TamrindRice is a much loved dish in Bangalore & is most commonly made in Iyengar style!

I made this spicy tamrind rice with ready to use mix available at Indian grocery shops. Ready to use stuff is pretty good option to have handy,as we can use it anytime without any hassles . It tastes yummy especially if you add on some ghee (clarified butter) seasoning with mustard and curry leaves and a liberal garnish of groundnuts at the end along with the ready to use mix :)