Saturday, January 28, 2006

Rice Dish flavoured with Dill leaves!

Dill Rice :( Rice Dish flavoured with dill leaves)

Kalyn's WHB ,is something I love to take a peep at every week, learning about variety of exotic herbs from the food bloggers around the world who have contributed to this theme of hers. I would like to thank kalyn for coming up with such an impressive , informative & interesting theme .

My contribution for this WHB, is a simple ,nutritious and easy to make delicious dish to relish to your heart's content...Go ahead ! It's a Rice Dish flavoured with Dill leaves.

Green Dill leaves are feathery and soft fern-like culinary herb. The leaves and seeds are flavourful seasonings the leaves can be used fresh or dried in salads,veg/non veg baked dishes and soups. It is used widely in Indian cuisine to make curries and snacks .The long stalks of dill also can be cut in hand and used.chopping of the leaves into tiny bits is not recommended because much of the flavour will be lost. When the leaves are dried, they are referred to as dill weeds.


1 cup Basmati rice,(cooked)
1 bunch of Dill leaves,
1 small onion chopped .
salt as required
Ghee(clarified butter)or oil as required.

For masala powder:
2 tsps coriander seeds,
1 tsp channa dhal,
1/4 tsp fenugreek,
2 red chillies,
2 tsps grated dry coconut.
Cashewnuts for garnishing

For seasoning:

1tsp Mustard
1-2 red chillies
1/4 tsp black gram


Make powder of all the fried ingredients.( Fry all the masala ingredients separately with 1tsp of oil )This masala powder can be stored for future use.

Cook the Rice and keep aside. Heat 2 tbl spoons of oil and add half of the mustard and turmeric powder. Now add chopped onion, capsicum and dill leaves and saute till the raw smell disappears. Add masala powder,grated coconut & toss in the cooked rice and salt to taste and mix well on low flame. Season with remaining Mustard & Blackgram. Serve hot with roasted cashewnuts garnish.