Wednesday, January 18, 2006

IT's Meme time!

Have been Tagged & It's Meme time again ! The 4 Meme!

Ever since I stumbled on Blogs, I have been hooked for sure ... just love hopping from Blog to Blog....Blogging has indeed evolved as more of a personalized medium with freedom of expression ..., sometimes with a personal touch upclose ,like Meme's which truly gives an opportunity to stretch the boundaries of self-expression ! The Meme theme is indeed catching up in the blogging world like a wild fire ..

I would like to Thank all these wonderful fellow bloggers , Melissa, Paz, Tina & shammi for tagging me to do this fun Meme of 7 and 10 .Well,to make it more easy for me & less boring for the readers who have limited patience ! I would be doing a Meme of "4".I am sure you all would agree with me...;)

4 Things to Do Before I Die:

1.Travel to exotic places I have never been before and learning new languages !
2.Accomplish every goal with the least possible output of energy - including thinking.;)
3.Meeting all the Interesting people whom I admire from the Blog world someday !
4.Capture the best of Nature in all it's glory through photography !

4 Things I Cannot Do (or things I do NOT enjoy doing)

1.spending a day out in the wilderness! diving!
3.Mountain climbing!
4.spending a night in a haunted castle!

4Things that Attracted Me to Blogging:

1.I look blogs as a source of Information and there is never any issue of credibility.
2.Getting connected with spirited bloggers who provide different perspective on the same issue! more so with Food recipes that are so irresistible with so many variations and flavours. can blog your way at your own pace with no deadlines and sub editors wielding scissors....Isn't it wonderful.....?
4.Blogs have been a wonderful source of inspiration to take up causes with greater gusto.

4 Things I Say Most Often :

1.Oh my God !
2.That's enough!
3.would love to!

4 Books I Love:

1.The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,
by Arthur Conan Doyle -
2.Last Frontiers of the Mind, by Mohandas Moses
3.The DaVinci Code, by Dan Brown
4.War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

4 Movies I Watch Over and Over:

1.Sound of Music!
2.Ten Commandments !
4.Lion King!

4 Bloggers I’m Tagging:

1.VKN.of Mydhaba

2.Sury.of (Lima) Beans and Delhi Cha(a)t


4MeenalMehta.of Foodies Unite