Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sweet and Juicy -- Yummy Grapes!!

Celebrating the X'mas spirit with Grapes, Grapes & -------- Grapes !

Sweet and Juicy Grapes!

who wouldn't like to spend lazy weekend afternoons nibbling away the sweet & juicy grapes ,especially when you're reaping the beneficial antioxidant rewards & enjoy the richness of the grapes without popping a cork !

Grapes can grow in almost every type of climate-Red and green grapes are available year round,their juiciness and natural sweetness, combined with a low calorie count, make them an excellent snack and dessert food.There are number of distinctive, very firm & sweet seasonal varieties around the globe.

Wine can be made from virtually any fruit juice,but most commonly wine is most closely associated with grapes .I would say the entire process of Winemaking is an art and a science which is quite interesting to learn and I would say it's beyond the scope of this blog....Ellagic acid occurs in grapes, and may have a number of human health effects. It has anti-cancer properties.Red grapes and products derived from Red grapes such as grape juice and red wine contain powerful antioxidants that can offer protection from heart disease and even cancer.It sure provides a wide scope for potential therapies .

here's a simple try at home Grape recipe:

Grape Syrup:

2 cups Grape Puree
1 tbsp pectin
1 1/2 cups sugar or honey

Combine all ingredients in heavy pan, bring to boil. Remove from heat, Put through colander sieve. Pour into jars/ glasses. cool, cover and store in refrigerator.

Happy Cooking!