Saturday, December 10, 2005

IT's Time for " Meme" !

Well, I have been tagged by VKN to blog for "You Are What You Eat Meme " this, sure brings in a new kind of momentum that reminds you how diligent the focus on food blogs can be & I would give this a fair try to make it more vibrant and increase your zest for a whole new world of Culinary Blog Journey !

Listing out my top 10 blogs for "You Are What You Eat Meme".

Here it goes...

2. Shrimp Platter
3. All about Jack fruit
4. Spring onion & Tomato medley
5. Almond burfi
6. Cashewnuts
7. Chicken pulao
8. Raita( Cucumber salad)
9. Sweet Potato
10. Black chick peas curry..

For pictures you can click on this link. My Blog Pictures

Hope you had fun going thru' this post!

Fellow Food bloggers, hope you strive to make it a special blogging affair to enable your self to enjoy and hopefully continue this theme by linking on more spirited bloggers to this never ending " Meme" of Food Blogs .

Choosing only few fellow " Food Bloggers" is a tough part ,as there are a whole lot of them I would consider to Include .Keeping in tune with the option given to me,

I am tagging
Dawna of Alwaysinthekitchen and
Sailu of Indiacuisine and Shammi of Food in the main and Courtney of Naughty Curry Just a few wonderful spirited Bloggers to find out their top 10 Favorites & Few other Bloggers of their choice to get this "Meme" theme going !

Happy Meme time!!