Thursday, November 24, 2005

Egg Rolls !!

Couldn't think of anything better when I took a peek at my refrigerator--with the eggs in sight , it was enough to change my plan --:) though my plan to begin with was to do something with boiled potato & peas for the evening --- somehow, ended up making these delicious rolls..

Egg Rolls:


Boiled eggs
2tsp chopped spring onions
2 big potatoes boiled & mashed.
soy sauce 1 tsp
green chillies 2( finely chopped)
1tsp Coriander leaves (cilantro) chopped
1tbsp corn flour.
bread crumbs
salt to taste


Chop spring onion finely. & mix with mashed potato, corn flour, soy sauce ,green chillies & cilantro. make this into a thick paste to coat the boiled eggs. Now coat the potato pasted eggs with breadcrumbs. Heat the deep frying pan with oil, deep fry coated eggs over a low heat. Keep stirring until coated eggs turn into golden colour & it's ready to serve.

Note:A dish that is best served hot with ketchup & small sized eggs are more easier to handle in the deep frying pan: