Friday, November 18, 2005

Cabbage Treat!

Cabbage Kootu:

This is an interesting variation of cabbage that goes well with chappathis/poori


1Cabbage chopped finely
2tbsp Channa dhal(Bengal gram)
1tbsp Fresh Coconut grated
1tsp Jeera
1tsp Mustard
2-3 Red Chillies
Salt, Turmeric powder
Curry leaves
Coriander leaves (optional)
1tsp Rice flour(optional)

For seasoning:

Oil, Mustard, Black gram and Curry leaves


Soak bengal gram(channa dhal) for an hour & boil it with little salt . Keep aside. Chop the cabbage finely and add a small quantity of water, salt, turmeric powder, cook for just 3 mts & Keep aside. Next, grind coconut, jeera, red chillies.

In a pan, do the seasoning and add the cabbage, channa dhal, coconut paste and if necessary, add salt. Make sure they are well blended . Let it boil until it is thick. Add little rice flour if you need the kootu to be thick. Garnish with Coriander leaves.

For a variation Instead of channa dhal, you can add Moong dhal with the vegetable.